I was hired to conceptualize possible Key Art for the 2021 Outfest Film Festival. While it wasn't selected,  I really enjoyed the process of creating and experimenting with the capabilities of color and research.
"Windows, Frames, Art, Creativity, Expression"
My goal was to create a complex system of graphics that embodied the creation of the gay rainbow flag which utilized more vibrant colors that are currently ommitted(turquoise(magic) and hot pink(sex)) to the present where Valentino Vecchietti designed a flag that introduced the intersex colors.
Below are some animation tests I did that would show off the possibilities that each symbol below could take on.
Below are some illustrations I created using the symbols as explorations of how the art would work on social. I've also included some t-shirt designs that I think mirrors the creative aspect of artists creating their films with their vision.
Below is an example of a Digital Billboard.
Thank you for viewing!
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