I was hired to design several spreads within the Film Guide for the 2018 Outfest Los Angeles LGBTQ Film Festival. Utilizing the year's "circular gradient" key art I utilized several different techniques to harken back to the circles or to fully expose the spread to an entire gradient. 
I was in charge of designing and typesetting the right page. I used a nighttime gradient blue/purple to mirror the after party aspect of this particular page while using its complementary color orange/yellow respectively to create a focal point on the page number so it's easier to remember where the page is, almost like a mnemonic device.
I designed and typeset the pages titled "WE'RE IN YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD". Here is an example of where I utilized the text wrap to subtly have the type interact with the circular images I created to pull the design of the key art together.
I designed these two spreads together, combining the techniques mentioned above while retaining a cohesive hierarchy of information.
Even with all the pain and anxiety that I suffered I still wanted people to know that on my end I wanted their sadness to go away, I wanted my sadness to go away. Each of these abstract postcards has a title. This one is titled, "New York City, You Are Loved"
Thank you for viewing!
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